MaksFit – peak state of body and mind

Offering consulting and coaching to each and everyone willing to walk the walk to achieve his or her goals – no matter if those goals are winning a world championship medal, completing a triathlon or merely being able to run again without experiencing pain.

Decorated athlete, educated coach. Knows how to get the job done, no matter what the job is.


MaksFit was founded by Maks Frančeškin, an enthusiast in finding the excellence in motion. 8 years in a row a member of Slovenian national teams in wildwater and flatwater canoeing Maks is an experienced athlete with many high class international successes:

  • 4 time world champion
  • World cup medals
  • European championships medals

Maks studied at Faculty of sport (University of Ljubljana) majoring in canoeing and fitness and has written a thesis on biomechanic and efficiency of a basic forward stroke in canoeing.


  • Is coaching multiple times World and European champions Simon Oven, Anže Urankar and Tim Novak
  • Is a conditioning coach of a 2019 world senior champion and an olympian in Canoe Slalom Eva Terčelj
  • Is a head coach of Slovenian wildwater national team in senior, u23 and junior category
  • Is a club coach and/or a conditioning coach of numerous junior/u23 national team members in slalom, wildwater and canoe sprint.
  • is writting the plan of the training of some of the best USA wildwater and surfski paddlers
  • Is planning the training of Serbian senior national champion in wildwater canoeing


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