Our vision

MaksFit is not your typical coaching site. We dont believe in effectivenes and results of bootcamp-like type of workuouts.

Individual trainings are our cup of tea. Every individual is different. Proffesional athletes cant train the same way as full-time job clients are training. Someone whose job makes him sit 8 hours a day surely needs a different workout than a postman who works on his feet the whole day. Rehabbing back injuries commands a totally different approach than rehabbing a knee injury.

We are not here to yell at you during trainings. We arent there to motivate you during an effort. You need to be motivated to achieve the wanted results. You dont have to like the pain, the suffering, you should only love the end result.

We can help find your motivation before we start working together, but then its up to you to embrace the results enough to endure the pain and lack of comfort during our process. Get comfortable being uncomfortable.

Our prices are not set. Instead of that we invite you to tell us how much you value our guidance/help after 3 free workouts. That way we get the always wanted feedback and you get to empiricly set the value your health/result has to you.